Bivalvan from B10: UA


Bivalvan is a being from the Bivalex Edge, an edge of the multiverse, Phazorus resurrects him to work for him by bringing the 7 Fragments of Bivalvex to him

Fragment HoldersEdit

Here are the 7 holder of the fragments nd ho Phazorus took them

  • Xephon- Decided to give it to his master
  • Tikhaos- Phazorus set Sharpshooter deal with him
  • Ethradex- Used mind control on Raad, who stole it and placed it where Phazorus would collect it, Raad has no memory of this however
  • Xepesta- Stole it whilst he was asleep

Bivalvan's PowersEdit

Bivalvan has unlimited ice and water powers, Phazorus wants him to flood and freeze most of the plnets in existance


  • Bivalvan is based on the character from Ben 10 Ultimate Alien of the same name, having both the same water powers and appearance

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