Angel-Ion Excalier



  • Leader of LAC
  • Protectors of the Universe

  • Winner of 1st, 18th, 21st and 35th Martial Arts Tournaments
  • Saved the Universe
  • Rune Ix (Father)
  • Piya-Ion Excalier (Brother)
  • Lady Isica Excalier (Sister-in-Law)
  • Tundrus Excalier (Brother)
  • Alyce Excalier (Wife)
  • Ginny Excalier (Ex-Wife)
  • Chevron Excalier (Son)
  • Bulma Excalier (Daughter-in-Law)
  • Rythian Excalier (Son)
  • Viper Excalier (Daughter-in-Law)
  • Kuba Excalier (Son)
  • Shock Emmisary (Son-in-Law) 
  • Candice Emmisary (Daughter)
  • Isabella Silves (Daughter)
  • Kaliegh Armantos (Daughter) 
  • Kire Silves (Son-in-Law)
  • Prince Chrome Excalier (Grandson)
  • Sapphire Excalier (Granddaughter)
  • Princess Luminara Excalier (Granddaughter-in-Law)
  • April Excalier (Granddaughter-in-Law)
  • Bulla (Granddaughter)
  • Ampersand Emmisary (Grandson)
  • Tago Silves (Grandson)
  • Videl Excalier (Great Granddaughter)
  • Android 18 (Great Granddaughter-in-Law)
  • Kardias Excalier (Great Grandson)
  • Chichi Excalier (Great Granddaughter-in-Law)

Angel-Ion is the Murr God of Fire and leader of the LAC in the LAC universe, he also owns the LAC Kingdom (Including Extreme Volcano), he owns the Feiry Drum


Angel-Ion can easily be recognised with the horns and blades, but they aren't his only features, others include the scars, one on his face, one on his right wing and two on his left, he also wears a keychain, on his back is some sort of scar/visible veins of light that, when he plays the Song of Truth, he can summon the Axe of Truth, hitting him here will disable the ability for him to summon it, that is one of his three weaknesses, Akuma knows the face is one, the other is where male's weak point is, his nutsack, he enjoys his food, he does not gain weight due to a bottomless stomache (Though Night X has called him fat once before), meaning he can eat hordes of food, but only when he sees it, making this a major weakness, unless he actually knows it's a trap, one of his strengths is that he has Compound Eyes

In the LACEdit

As the LAC universe counterpat of Hardware34, he leads the LAC, he is in charge of all of the missions, he is the husband of Ginny Excalier, father of Chevron and Candace Excalier, and owner of Volcus, Omnidroid 13 and Lucky, his favourite colour is blue and he collects doorknobs, his favourite food is roasted potatoes in gravy, his fave bar is the Bar on the Hill and he enjoys Honeydew Potato Cider (Pineapple, Honeydew, Ferroberry and

The skin for Angel-Ion


Dark Angel-IonEdit

Dark Angel-Ion is a dark version of Angel-Ion for another reality, he resembles Dark Sonic by having completely dark skin (Including the claws and horns), and completely white eyes

He was originally destroyed by Angel-Ion, but was revived by Vaati, he fled, later becoming one of the Eye's 5 minions, the others being Forever, Xenoxicus, Asper and Onox

Stats, Ability and AttackEdit

HP: 9557525

Attack: 950000

Defence: 950

Sp. Def: 800

Sp. Atk: 6500

Speed: 200

Accuracy: 10000

Evasiveness: 85000

Ability: Flame Body

Power Level: 7 Million

Current Inventory (Rucksack)Edit

(This includes why he has them)

  • Axe of Truth- Primary weapon
  • Xtransceiver- His communicator
  • Sword of Destiny- A mighty sword originally owned by another Murr God, he was given the rights to the sword
  • Bow of Light- A large bow that came with a quiver
  • Light Arrows- Came in the quiver with the Bow of Light
  • Longshot- Angel-Ion found this in a dungeon, it has became one of his most trusted weapons since his visit to the Water Temple, later on in life, he tampers with it and manages to attach it to his Fusion Cannon, in the Water Temple, he had lost the ability to fly due to shock caused by a current unknown force, which was actually caused by Dark Angel-Ion, who appears in the temple on Angel-Ion's second visit, he uses the Longshot to get around
  • Megaton Hammer- This has been proved to be Angel-Ion's best weapon, this is one of his 5 best weapons (6 in '500'), the others being the above (The sixth being the Fusion Cannon)
  • Cobalt Shard- A shard capable of turning him into Cobalt Angel-Ion
  • Fusion Suit (500)- A suit with a cannon for a cannon
  • Bottle of Honeydew Potato Cider- Bought from Bar on the Hill
  • Potactus (Cactus/Potato cross)- Bought from Zeta Prime Rare Plant Market
  • Pineapple- He just likes them, he grew it
  • Pineapple Seeds- Seeds to grow Pineapples
  • Small Growing Tree- Won in the 56th Annual Universal Chess Championship
  • Volcus' Pokeball- So he can keep Volcus safe
  • Dog's Lead- So he can keep Lucky with him
  • Spare Parts- Parts that were unused in his and Fenderson's combined works
  • Lint- He likes it strangely
  • Doorknob- It is unknown why he has it and where he got it from, but he likes it, it is likely he got it from Zeta Prime
  • Redstone- He got this rare stone from Zeta Prime, it originated from Erago
  • Golden Nugget- A golden nugget he found in the LAC's Mineshaft
  • Family Photo- A photo of his family
  • Earth Soil- Some rare sample of Earth soil
  • Cybertronian Metal- A peice of interesting metal from Cybertron
  • Autobot Spark- A Spark of a deceased Autobot
    Angel-Ion in Hyperstorm Battle Gear

    Angel-Ion wearing the Hyperstorm battle gear

  • Decepticon Spark- A Spark of a deceased Decepticon
  • House Keys- The keys to his house
  • Eternal Flame Lamp- A lamp that has an eternally burning blue flame
  • Re-Melt Ice- A peice of ice that will melt, then reform
  • Broken Machine- A small device that is broken and needs to be fixed
  • Toolbox- A box of tools
  • Bag of Nuts and Bolts- A bag of nuts and bolts
  • Box of Screws- A box full of different screws
  • Chess Board and Peices- A chess board and chess peices
  • Deck of Cards- A pack of cards that he carries, he is a master of Solitaire
  • Crowbar- A crossbar he uses to bust into crates, he uses it for good reasons
  • Necklace- He wears this
  • Chain of Fire- Given by Phazorus
  • Ocarina of Time- His primary instrument, he hid his other instrument, the Fiery Drum, in Neox HQ's Secure Vault
  • Set of Unknown Keys- He holds some keys where he found in the Fire Temple when he had to get the Fire Medallion
  • Boss Key- He, like Phazorus (Angel-Ion had to deliver one to Phazorus in the Sparky's Painite Item Trading Sequence, Phazorus in return gave Angel-Ion another item for the quest as well as the Chain of Fire), Eclipse (It is uwnknown how Eclipse got his) and Ironide (Ironide found this in his own castle before he took over it, also chasing out the monster that lived in it), owns a Boss Key, he does not know which dungeon it came from
  • Dungeon Weapons- Angel-Ion owns all of the dungeon weapons found in the many dungeons
  • Flute of Spirits- A mysterious pan flute with magic abilities
  • Longshot- He uses the hookshot whenever he is unable to fly, such as in rooms with Grav Traps, he upgrades the Hookshot with a longer purple one called the Longshot
  • Fiery Drum- He took this out of Neox HQ at some point
  • Saxaphone- A regular saxaphone
  • Masks- He has many Transformation Masks
  • Plastic Bag- A plastic bag, he uses it as a parachute for his friends
  • Box of Sandworms- He carries a box full of Sandworms
  • Bottomless Bag of Sandwiches- He has a bewitched bag that makes hundreds of sandwiches, they don't even go mouldy, the irony is... The bag is see-thru
  • Bike Engine- An engine of a motorbike
  • Airborne Spray- To keep things afloat


  • Battlesuit- A red battlesuit, it's origins are currently unknown
  • Iron Knuckle Armour- Armour given to him by Ironide, this will become his second main outfit
  • Grid Suit- A suit from The Grid
  • 'Fame' Outfit- An outfit he got from The Grid, he wears this at film unvealings
  • Top Hat- He owns a top hat, claiming it to be one of Abrahm Lincon's
  • Detective's Clothes- He has detective clothing for some reason
  • Stetson- One of his trademarks, a Stetson which he got in Utah, America
  • Hyperstorm Gear- Robotic clothing which he used to wear in battle
  • Black Suit- His main outfit, this will be one of two main outfits after he gets the Iron Knuckle armour
  • LBPN Outfit- He won this on the LBPN show
  • Hula Dancer- He disguised himself as a Hula Dancer at Hypera Casino
  • Phazon Armour- He took this from a Phazon which he killed
  • Satan's Sunglasses- One of his trademarks, he took it from a dead Lil Satan
  • Necklace- One of his trademarks, his necklace
  • Fusion Suit


Regular Angel-IonEdit

  • Axe of Truth
  • Longshot
  • Megaton Hammer
  • Cobalt Shard
  • Light Bow and Arrows
  • Mirror Shield
  • Fyre Sword
  • Ice Blade
  • Thunderhand
  • Dart Gun
  • Golden Gauntlets

Alternate Angel-IonEdit

  • Cobalt Shard
  • Megaton Hammer
  • Axe of Betrayal
  • Longshot
  • Megaton Hammer
  • Dark Bow and Arrows
  • Mirror Shield
  • Golden Gauntlets

500 Angel-IonEdit

  • Fusion Cannon
  • Axe of Truth
  • Shotgun
  • Cobalt Shard
  • Megaton Hammer
  • Longshot
  • Mirror Shield
  • Diamond Sword
  • Golden Gauntlets

Alternate 500 Angel-IonEdit

  • Fusion Cannon
  • Axe of Shadows
  • Shotgun
  • Cobalt Shard
  • Megaton Hammer
  • Longshot
  • Mirror Shield
  • Obsidian Sword

Past Life Angel-IonEdit

  • Shotgun
  • Mining Pickaxe
  • Bow and Arrows

Minecraft Angel-IonEdit

  • Diamond Pickaxe
  • Diamond Sword
  • Diamond Axe
  • Diamond Shovel
  • Diamond Sickle
  • Flint and Steel
  • Bow and Arrows

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit


  • Powerful eyesight
  • Good archery and swordsman skills
  • Good knowledge
  • Patient
  • Strong willpower
  • Has courage and wisdom
  • Can speak in thousands of different languages
  • High stamina
  • Can breathe underwater
  • Can see through blinding objects (Ect. Flashbangs, Light Poppers, Fog Bombs, Steam Grenades)
  • Is married
  • Has 3 children
  • Good with machinery
  • Good with avoiding traps involving food
  • Has fast agility
  • Likes food
  • Sturdy
  • Good cook
  • Can make over 10 thousand different drinks
  • Knows his way around Murr, Earth, Electrocombinus, Xenovian, Jupiter, Saturn and Phazor, but can go the wrong way if he uses a map


  • Allergic to lettuce
  • Argon Energy weakens him (Like all Murr Gods)
  • Likes to drink
  • Can get lost when involving a map, even if he knows his way around


  • Dispite knowing his way around planets, he can easily get lost using a map
  • The way Angel-Ion collapses is similar to how Clive collapses in the film Paul, both laugh, then collapse

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