Alternate LAC is the Alternate Central Universe's number one threat and at the top of the Most Feared List, it is the Alternate version of both the Old and New LAC


Alternate Angel-IonEdit

Currently on his throne in Castle Angel-Ion (Previously Castle Akuma, but was renamed and moved onto Mount Got To Go, he is the 'King of the Universe', his guards are Destructix and Akuma, he also renamed Earth 'Dustball'

Alternate CabooseEdit

He has not yet joined the LAC, he is evil to the core, he rips parts off Dustball and sells them to planets, he bounty hunts certain people, he has a vampire army

Alternate RisuEdit

Current Fourth-In-Command of CO

Alternate IronideEdit

The second-in-command, he leads Alternate Bane, Risu, Genex and Phazorus, as well as thier soldiers, to a city, which they destroy, taking them across untouched land, his personal soldiers are 40 Iron Knuckles

Alternate BaneEdit

Current Second-In-Command in the CO, he is in charge of the attack on Earth

Alternate GenexEdit

Currently with Bane, Genex and Caboose attacking England, he is currently fifth-in-command

Alternate LeafEdit

Leaf joins Bane, Genex, Ironide, Caboose and Risu after they dominate Buckingham Palace

Alternate KaleighEdit

The Kaliegh of our reality is the kind leader of the Kokori, however, the Kaleigh of Alternate Reality is evil, she is married to King Angel-Ion here, where she gives out orders to the Sleek Assassins, the top LAC assassin girls, led by Mabel, while Angel-Ion gives orders to the Demons of Murr, led by Ironide and Caboose

Alternate GravyEdit

He looks similar to regular Megetzit, minus his Lightsaber, while Alternate Megetzit is unseen (Meaning we don't know what he looks like), Gravy so far has been revealed to have been captured at and later destroys Area 51 with his fleet

Alternate DoomEdit

He has yet to appear, but it has been revealed that he has destroyed the Pyramids of Egypt

Alternate HyphenEdit

He has yet to appear, he concentrates on destroying New York after Washington D.C was destroyed by him, he also assassinated Obama and mounted his head upon a stick

Alternate PhazorusEdit

Ruler of Phazoran, he concentrated on destroying Japan, but is now targeting the rest of Asia

Alternate GinnyEdit

Ginny does exist in this world, but lives a totally different life, it is the regular, un-cloned Ginny, this Ginny is one of many sex slaves

Alternate ShanieEdit

The real Shanie lives in the Whirtle Zone, but the Shanie in this reality is a sex slave

Alternate OverlordEdit

Alternate Overlord is the good guy, he protects people on the streets at night from demons, he's different in normal reality