These are all of LAC's allies


Knights of Valor (Led by DemonBlithe)

Phazon Overdrive Clan (Led by Hourglass34)

NANo Empire (Led by Sharikahn) No longer active

Chimeran Crusaders Empire (Led by ChimeranDinos)

Red Skull Republic (Led by HiTMAN-101)

Armageddon's Empire (Now fused with Blood Star Rebelion and Black Scythe Army to make Fallen Republic, led by Birdman-Jay-)

Black Scythe Army (Led by United-Gunner-91, read above)

Recluse Clan (Led by Gallefrey10)

Eclipse Clan (Led by EpicBeats)

Chaotic Assassins (Sorry, I can't remember the leader's name)

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